Forever Only Lasts Until You're Gone

by Subliminal Stimuli


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A collection of songs written between January 2014 - August 2014.


released 16 September 2014



all rights reserved


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Subliminal Stimuli Willits, California

Subliminal Stimuli is an American experimental electronic music project currently consisting of only Rain Storm Jackson. The project was created by Rain Storm Jackson in 2010, and he was the lone member until 2012, when Ramona Mae Thomas joined him. In January of 2014, Ramona Mae Thomas left the band due to conflict between the two members. ... more

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Track Name: Blind With Fear
"You are the one who broke it all,
you are the one who dropped the ball.
I am the one who's still right here,
forever, perpetually, blind with fear.
I don't understand anything,
who will leave and who will cling?
You broke me, you know it,
it's your fault,
now stuck with memories of sexual assault."
Track Name: Lie to me
"Lie to me.

Lies, spies, regrets,
Mind in deep stress,
I can't take this,
you make me sick.

The TimeBomb's stopped ticking,
like I carved an artpiece,
frozen in the dark, asystolic, no heartbeats.
I once believed in "forever", but I was wrong,
because Forever Only Lasts Until You're Gone.
But I have you in my palms now, you two-faced cunt,
Watch me wipe you from the sky and blow out from this blunt.
Then I'll make my escape and breathe freely at last,
Live my new Philosophy and Let Go of the Past."
Track Name: The Escape Artist
"Well here he is, the Escape Artist."
"I'm not you, I'm not you, I'm not you!"
Track Name: Let go of the past
"Fuck off you slut, get out of here!"
Track Name: TFC
"And fuck you, you two-faced cunt!"
Track Name: Carving a Giant
"To every living worm,
Write an omen!
To every living, walking,
through the twilight.

And every night there is a fire!

Singing and Burning,
The Curse of a child,
Bring the pain out!

The essence of doubt!

Carving a giant!
Carving the eye of a god!
Create me!


Might and Lust my work!
No trust is for man.
Father of unholy damnation light,
rewarding assistance for an ended life.

Torn so much.
Taint a love.
Chasing a giant!

Forcing the wakes of a storm!
Standing as human.
Facing a god!
Fighting and turning your secrets.

And every night I am the flame,
and every night there is a fire,
to anyone,
raking the twilight.!


Ours was spirit,
Raped Intelligence.

We exist, all, to awaken and save us from war!"
Track Name: Forever
"You only have friends because you wanna fuck em!
You only have heros because you wanna fuck em!
Appreciating things for what they can do for me,
Sit right back and let that shit come easy.

How many hands are on this greasy deck?
Let's get some healing touch up in this in this teasy wreck.
I'll be damned if you do, you do whatever,
'cause im content knowing I won't feel like this forever.

Why would you fix, what, you can't stop getting off?
Little social tricks, fucking clever, you can't be stopped.
Everyone you meet - under your control - every fucking time.
Let them rub against you, you brave pilot of a mind.

I can't believe that this is the future and it hurts to watch;
your fake gestures, clothes, pills, all craving for cock.
You've lied every time your mouth went wide,
cueing off when to quickly slip inside.

Just throw me away,
we all like a little pain.
I have to feel this way

The rarest apathy and hate,
and I'll kill all the feelings that used to hold me.

I'll make all of this beauty,
on dead branches of your empathy,
and when my back is bleeding,
I will be much stronger than I was.
Leave it seething, just because.

Making someone else smile,
happens all the time for you for free
I'll intensify your worth
much farther than what you deserve,
searching for what's in it for me.

You can write a love song any day to anything,
but the bottom of a pit is where you're gonna hear me sing.
You can turn a few heads with naive idealation ,
while anger, contempt, and emptiness wake up my motivation.

And I cant get a chord out without attacking someone else,
I don't want to change at all: Isolation fills my well.

I guess nothing lasts forever.

And I cant get behind anything unless it pushes others to the edge,
and I like reacting, compacting, and piercing your defense.

You're the one who put me here, your my hero and my muse.
It works out for everybody, you've got your next excuse.

Finding your next big train wreck just in time to fill you up,
the torn pieces of what you left behind overflowing in my cup.

And I laugh, I must be wicked, but then I look around:
Addicts to their own lives, scared of looking down."
Track Name: Dear Baby
"Lying on the floor, like a whore,
Fingers scratching at my neck, feeling kinda hardcore.
It was never 'bout the love, or the kisses, or the flowers,
She just wants a guy that'll keep her up for hours.
Make it fast, make it last,
I'm not looking for romance, just some freedom from my pants,
And the hands are counting slower, it echoes like a dream,
Before the night is over, I'm gonna make you scream.

Baby! I want more than your cherry lips,
I want my flesh up inside your hips.
And I want more than that dirty south,
I want your flesh up inside my mouth.
Baby! I want more than your cherry lips,
I want my flesh up inside your hips.
And I want more than that dirty south,
I want your flesh up inside my mouth.

Heated darts, bleeding hearts,
cheating is a Game all in itself, feeling cynical, political,
Correctness on the shelf - get flirty, talk dirty,
I'm a child and you're my doll, I'm the one who made you fall;
Into love, into lust, though you bled and you cussed,
I was hating waiting, anticipating to feel your cherry bust - oh,
You didn't want the world as a witness? well that's tough,
I'm sorry girl, but I'm just not in the business of making love.

You would hate me if I told you all the things I've done to you in my mind.
Unless you're into that sort of thing, but I don't think you're the kind.
Our love is a porno, and baby I'm always on top of my lines.
Now smile for the camera and sing with CJ one more time."
Track Name: Philosophy
"Just like your father
Just like your mother
What sort of example do you think you're setting?
Do you talk that way to your sister?
Does cunt talk that way to your sister?
So why'd you say that?
You know you can't get away with that
You know what's coming to you now, don't you?
Coming to cunt
I just can't believe you did that
You cunt, you fucking cunt
Who do you think you are?
Who the hell do you think you are?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
You stupid fucking cunt
Do you talk that way to your sister?
Would you talk that way to your momma? Eh?
Come on, cunt, do you talk that way to your momma?
Do you talk that way to your momma?
Didn't she teach you any manners?
Look at me and say you're sorry, cunt
Cunt says sorry
Cunt's gonna say sorry

You're nothing
Cunt's nothing
Just remind yourself
Remember you're fat
Remember you're stupid
Remember you're ugly
Just like your fucking mother
Just like your fucking father
Have you got a good view?
Fat, stupid and ugly
A fat, stupid, ugly cunt
Are you remembering that?
You fucking cunt
I really can't believe you did that
You vulgar, common, coarse piece of shit
Your hanging and sick wobbly meat flab
Flabby folds your flesh
You're a disgrace
You're a total disgrace
And where's your fucking decorum?
Yes, decorum, where is your fucking decorum?
Cunt's fucking decorum
You fucking cunt
Just like your fucking mother
And just like your fucking father
See that?
What's that over there?
Yes, cunt, that's a door
I just want you to look at the door

Now I'm a really positive person
But you don't know what can happen from day to day
As you think about it in your mind
If I walked out that fucking door
And the door closed
And as it closed
It slammed shut
And no matter what you did
No matter what you fucking did
You could not open the door
And you knew you could never look into my eyes again
Hear my voice again
Feel my touch again

You're right, you know
About that door
You really shouldn't think about it
A huge mistake to fucking think about
You don't have to think about the door
It makes you feel uncomfortable
Doesn't it?
I know it does
You don't have to feel like that
It's distressing
It's really distressing

A terrible think happened
My friend was stabbed in the street
By some drunk
Dead before he arrived at the hospital
Wouldn't it be terrible?
Think about it
Even if you could get that door opened
And you were to search
You could never find me again
You will never be able to see me again
You will never be able to hear my voice again
Feel my touch again
You'll never be able
All that fun we had together
The great times we had together
The coast
The night-time
The hotel
The journey home
Even if you were to open that door
You would search but you could never find

You're nothing
Cunt's nothing
Just remind yourself
Remember you're fat
Remember you're stupid
Remember you're ugly
Fat, stupid and ugly
Just remember that
And also remember life's tragedies
Think about them
I still think about it
You see that door?
You see that door?
You see that door?
You see that door?
Cunt, do you see that fucking door?"